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Cielo Vista Mall

Cielo Vista Mall is the main shopping destination in the El Paso Texas, it´s located at 16 Km of El Paso Center and 8 Km from border with Mexico, is a tradicional place to teenagers and now parents too because have more of 140 stores in 115,00 of square meters, you can spend the whole day looking discounts of season or maybe the last launching in stores like Sephora, Forever 21, H & M, etc.


You can find jwelry, men-women-children clothes, shoes, accessories, restaurants like

Olive Garden, Hooter's, Chick Fil A. etc. Also you can catch the latest movie releases at the multi screen Cinemark Theater complex, the last releases of videogames in stores like GameStop and tecnology stores like Apple.

Mapa cielo vista mall

Cielo Vista Mall is located east of the main entrance of Paso Texas, and is located off Interstate 10 at the corner of Hawkins Blvd.

The mall has some changes since it opened in 1974, the most of the larger departmental stores have given up part of their space to allow for growth in the parking lot as well as architectual elementes such as fountains, landscapes interiors and stairs were remodeled to give rise to kiosco vendors.


All this to receive people who come mostly from the communities of Socorro, Fabens, Ft. Bliss, and Ciudad Juarez and is estimated that by its location Cielo Vista has an approximated 10 million "buyer visits" Per year, so it is not uncommon for themed days such as Valentine's Day or Christmas, all stores to be full, however on weekdays stores are always free.

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Cielo Vista Mall opened its doors in October of 1974 and bit by bit settled the departmental stores of JCPenney, Macy's, Dillard's and Sears.

Cielo Vista Mall has five department stores like its five main axes and together with their specialty stores offer a pleasant shopping experience, ideal for couples, friends or family, also has several options to go to eat, Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


Due to the large space of the place and the large number of people that receives a year, Cielo Vista Mall was declared by the International Council of Shopping Centers of New York as Super Regional Shopping Center, it because is the largest of the three on the metropolitan area.

Mapa Cielo Vista Mall

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Cielo Vista Mall
Mapa cielo vista mall
tiendas cielo vista mall
Mapa Cielo Vista Mall